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My grandfather always used the word "schnibbles" to describe the bits of things on the floor, or bites of snacks that you sneak. Sometimes that's all I can get organized to keep in one place. Schnibbles.

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I had to rip because I was too short but I’ve turned the heel now, so I can actually sleep well. #knitting #sockknitting #knittersifinstagram #handmade #handknitsocks


New blog post with suppliers for mid-century vintage and retro fabrics

Vintage fabric supply? !

Yes, please.

So lovely.

Must make one.

Also, have long wished for a vintage Shasta (the model of mini camper with the little wings…) or a Scamp.

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So, if you don’t drink, what do you, like, do?

This photo is part of a project for which I’m designing a mock Portland Mercury cover.

Beer and wine tasting at this year’s knit in retreat!

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Hello, all!

I just recorded our first MadCAP Chat about preparing your scores for auditions.  The focus here is on the PHYSICAL preparation of the MUSIC, not so much the choice of song or the cut…we’ll get to that in a later discussion.  However, when you’re getting ready to head off to that great audition, put your best foot forward from your dress/appearance to your voice/performance to your paperwork/audition cut score.

Music should ALWAYS be copied two sided and in a 3 ring binder.  Nothing is worse for a rehearsal accompanist than getting a pile of ratty photocopies that have notes all over them and are wrinkly.  Print a clean copy, put it in a 3 ring binder, and put a post it tab on the edge of your first page.

Clearly mark your start location, any tempo changes or skips, and the end.  Hand this to your rehearsal accompanist, briefly give them your tempo, point out any difficult jumps or anything unusual.

I like to mark start/stop/skips with post its and removable highlighting tape, because it leaves the sheet music completely clean when you are finished.  

REMEMBER that a cleanly prepared rehearsal score will make your rehearsal accompanist’s job easier…and they’ll be able to BETTER SUPPORT YOU, the SOLOIST!


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Stop and look….1950

Whilst you are active!




Yep remember that….



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Turning the heel is one of my favorite parts of knitting a sock! #Iloveshortrows #knittersifinstagram #sockknitting #handmade #handknitsocks


Boys knitting club, 1910s or 1920s

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Well, what do you know!  Superman knits, too!

Well, what do you know! Superman knits, too!