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My grandfather always used the word "schnibbles" to describe the bits of things on the floor, or bites of snacks that you sneak. Sometimes that's all I can get organized to keep in one place. Schnibbles.

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Lego Lily, Lego Adventurer Sean, and @smokeybear stopped addy the turn of for Tamarack Lake to have a little rest, some water, and some trail mix. This hiking is hard work. #Tahoe2014 (at Desolation Wilderness)

@smokeybear and I hiked Echo Lakes and Desolation Wilderness today. The hikes just get better and better! #Tahoe2014 (at Echo Lake, CA (Desolation Wilderness))

Lego Adventurer Sean and Lego Lily explored the Desolation Wilderness today, and it was AMAZING. The shale was difficult for human Kirsti to hike on, and it was above 7000 feet of elevation. (at Echo Lake, CA (Desolation Wilderness))

Nothing like a hike, a little Jameson in the morning, and El Capitan in the background to send up some good stuff! Celebrating our nephew today with a toast to living! #JED #Yosemite #Tahoe2014

Lego Adventurer Sean and Lego Lily are visiting #Yosemite…but don’t worry. They won’t get to close to the edge!

First view of half dome! #Tahoe2014

On our way to #Yosemite, @smokeybear in my backpack and hiking boss ready to go! #Tahoe2014 (at Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve)


(via tilligethere24)

Happy 40th anniversary, mom & dad! (at The Ridge Tahoe)